What Events You Can Predict

  • When to Expect the Birth of Baby. Is it a Boy or Girl!

  • Find Out When You Have Best Business Expansion Opportunity

  • Find out When You May Change Your Place or Country of Living

  • Learn to Prevent Yourself from Doing Mistakes that Will Hurt

  • Prepare Yourself for the Opportunities and Challenges

  • When You May Have Career Advancement

  • When You Will Find Your Life Partner

What You Will Learn

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    What is Forecasting By Year in Karmic Numerology

    • How Forecasting Your Personal Year Code Works

    • How to Use the Online Calculator

  • 2

    Karmic Codes by Year Meaning and Interpretation

    • Description of Year Codes 01-03

    • Description of Year Codes 04-06

    • Description of Year Codes 07-10

    • Description of Year Codes 11-13

    • Description of Year Codes 14-16

    • Description of Year Codes 17-19

    • Description of Year Codes 20-22

    • Year Forecasting Code Meaning PDF

  • 3

    Control Your Future

    • How to Have More Control Over Your Future

    • Communication with me

Study Karmic Numerology

The science about people. How to have more money, be successful and live in harmony. What challenges and opportunities you have. What are your life purposes. What are your soul's goals for this lifetime and so much more.